Contained within these web pages and posts I am documenting my trip to Amsterdam, The Netherlands. This is my first time out of the United States that I have needed to have a passport so that makes this trip, and this site, extra special.
I’m not fussing too much with colors and snappy backgrounds and I am not shrinking down any of the pictures in the site so you and the rest of the internet can enjoy the scenery in and around Amsterdam as much as I am going to. This may make the pages load a little slow but whatever, you get full res pictures. Enjoy!
I also hope to encourage more Americans to say “Yes” and taking the plunge to travel where ever your heart pulls you.

Thanks for checking out #myDamTrip!

P.S. A special Thank You to my friend LaShawn. If it wasn’t for him I would not be taking this trip. Thank you for calling me that January evening and asking if I wanted to go.

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