Welcome to MyDamTrip.com. MyDamTrip started with a trip to Amsterdam with a friend. More than time well spent with friends old and new my dam trip opened me up to the world. It is an amazing feeling to be in a completely different place from where you normally are on this gigantic rock that is whipping through space.

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    thailand_Bridge_To_TempleTurns out I really enjoy this traveling stuff. Since returning from Amsterdam I have decided to throw a few more stamps on my passport and see what is left of the world that is not a tourist attraction. As I travel and learn I’ll throw up some memories and share my best meals.
    Thus MyDamTrip.com will cover all of my trips here and there across the globe.
    So far you’ll find pictures of Amsterdam, Cabo San Lucas and Thailand. I like to explore local customs and stay in neighborhoods where people are getting up and going to work. It gives you a sense how people really live versus a small hotel room.

#myDamTrip: Best Travel Tips

Be ready.That really is the secret to getting through any airport faster. On my travels it has become clear to ...
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When getting through the airport in any city one thing I always wonder about is what exactly is in all ...
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While traveling I have learned that you can't run out of money. Moreover you can't get cut off from your ...
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To Visit List

Ankor Wat

Language Tools

Learn Thai with ThaiPod101.com
Phone Apps:
Fun, Easy, Learn Thai

Things To Bring

Phone Chargers!
Security Items
-RFID Sleves
-Money Belt

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Welcome To Siem Reap, Cambodia

Flying into Siem Reap was easy from Bangkok. The flight was supposed to be a little over an hour but ...
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Breakfastclub de Pijp

After arriving a little jet lagged and meeting with our AirBnB host Lashawn and I set out to find food ...
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Safe Travels

The flight felt short. We did arrive a bit early even Woohoo! There was a lot of sleeping, they set ...
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To The Airport!

The time had come to round up our things and get out to O'Hare Airport. I had intended on taking ...
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