I booked a couple days up in Sedona, Arizona that turned out to be the perfect weekend get away. Like always I found a place on that turned out to be a good value and an incredibly enchanting space. I’m not sure that I sign on to the whole “Sedona is a Vortex” talk but I will say there is something magical going on around there. Certain things about this trip just seemed to unfold nicely. From the people I met to the off road trails and hiking, every scene turned out wonderfully. When you get outside of the main drag down 89A the beauty of Sedona really opens up. The mountains that surround Sedona are an unforgettable red color similar to the dirt in Alabama. We took the Red Rock Loop to see the Sedona Red Rocks up close and ended up having lunch at 4000 FT.! The views from the mountain tops were breathtaking but a little fear was mixed in knowing that you are so high in the air. The night sky is equally amazing to look at. From the patio of the AirBnB I was able to see hundreds of thousands of stars. I see some stars here in Downtown Phoenix but they don’t compare to the show in Sedona. The food was consistently good no matter where we went and the portions were larger than life. I actually brought leftovers home with me! All of the restaurants we went to, except Subway sandwiches for the trail, were full service sit down restaurants. Nice atmosphere and smiling staff.

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