How To Truly Travel Light

When getting through the airport in any city one thing I always wonder about is what exactly is in all of those overly large suitcases? Do these people really think they need to pack that much for a vacation?
In the past I have overpacked too but I realized that I wasn’t wearing half of the clothing that I had brought with me and on average I would only use 2 pairs of shoes. These days I travel with two backpacks, one for my clothes and one for my electronics and added extras. While this may not work for everyone, for me, I can pick up my bags and get directly on the plane and I never have to worry about waiting at the baggage claims after the flight. Smooth sailing!
Most of the time when you travel you have the intention of buying souvenirs and the like, traveling light from the start makes for plenty of room for all the chachkies that you will acquire. My favorite way to travel light is to only bring one change of clothes and buy whatever clothing I need from a thrift store when I reach my destination. Buying clothes when you get there is also beneficial because you will look like a local, and that is always good.
Another “Best Practice to Travel” is to be realistic with yourself and your hygiene products. Sure you need a toothbrush and mouthwash. A pouf and some body wash as well. But bringing large bottles and multiple different kinds of .. well whatever creams and lotions you bought at the makeup counter, will just weigh you down. Remember, you always look better while you are on vacation because you are under far less stress.
Another benefit of traveling light is not having more stuff to worry about. Less clothes mean less weight, less laundry to do and less time making decisions on what to wear. It is my belief that people waste so much time worrying about stuff. If your intention is to get away from stress, then do it. 90% of what the average traveller brings with them is unnecessary or will not be used.
Don’t fall for the trickery of your anxiety, if you can go 24 hours without it you can go 2 weeks. Ditch the extra baggage.

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