5 Ways To Have Money On Vacation

While traveling I have learned that you can’t run out of money. Moreover you can’t get cut off from your money. Losing a bank card or having a credit card shut off while far away from home always sinks a trip fast. Many time you will attempt to call and not be able to reach your bank because of time difference. So I came up with these five ways to make sure you have a string of money sources while you travel.

1.) Have A Debit Card
Every bank account has one these days. Be sure yours isn’t too worn out and that the numbers on the back are clearly visible. Don’t leave for vacation with a credit or debit card that barely scans. You will find that the card readers internationally are not always as good as the ones in the states.

2.) Have A Second Bank Account
Go to another bank or credit union and get a separate bank account, with a Debit Card. That’s right, find a second, completely separate bank. Open an account and attach a debit card to it. Put some money in it before you leave, I keep $1000 on it just in case something happens and I need it to get me through. Be sure to use it once or twice while you are gone just to be sure it will work when you need it most.

3.) Order A Back Up Debit Card
A month before you leave on your vacation call the main bank or credit union that you will be spending money from and order another Debit Card. Ask for a different card number and DO NOT ACTIVATE IT. Put it in your bag, unactivated and take it with you. Now when you are half way across the world and you loose your main debit card you can call, cancel the lost card and immediately activate the newly issued card with the new number. I don’t do this for my secondary account. Just my primary.

4.) Stash Some Cash
There are all kinds of nifty places to stash a few extra 20’s in your bag and your clothes. I generally keep an extra 50-60 dollars US in small bills tucked away in small pockets. Jeans are great for this as they generally have the small pocket that can easily and securely hold a bill or two. In your shoe soles is another great place. What stash spots can you come up with?

5.) Write Down Card and Bank Contact Information
Before you leave copy down all the important contact numbers for your bank and credit card companies on a piece of paper small enough to easily fit in your passport. Make sure you update it before every trip. Also bring a voided check just in case you need your actual bank account number.

These are the top 5 things I do to eliminate the worry of being cut off from a money supply before and during my travels. All 5 of them are experiences that I have had while traveling and by using the above listed methods I have always been able to keep moving financially while traveling.

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