How To Get Through Any Airport Faster

Be ready.

That really is the secret to getting through any airport faster. On my travels it has become clear to me the more prepared I am the easier the flight goes. Since everyone loves lists here is mine on how to fly through the airport.

1.) Have your passport easily accessible.

Fumbling around looking for anything in the airport stresses you out. You have a line of people staring at you, an attendant that is waiting and you don’t want to lose anything while you’re digging through your packed bags. Eliminate the stress and use a fairly accessible pocket for your flight information, drivers licenses, and passport.
I use either the front pocket or an top inside pocket depending on the bag that I plan to travel with facing in front of me. At each checkpoint which is almost always where a line is forming, it is a snap for me to produce any requested identification.

2.) Keep Immigration information in you passport.

You don’t want to lose any of those papers that they give you when you get your passport stamped. You’ll need them to get out of whatever country you are in. If you are even a bit of an explorer keep all your documents in a gallon plastic bag to prevent an accident.

3.) Be Ready For Security.

You’ve been standing in line for 20 minutes and now you are at the steel tables just before you get in the scanner and you are just NOW checking your pockets? You have a water bottle after all the signs said “No Liquids over 3oz”? My advise is put EVERYTHING in your bag when you are shuffling through the security line, far before the metal table. Have you iPad or laptop ready to come out of your bag and into a separate bin. Take off your belt put it in your bag and untie your shoes if you need to. Some airport security still wants to see your toiletries so have those at the top of your bag in a gallon sized plastic bag. I’ve learned you can’t control other people but you can be prepared with your pockets empty

4.) Find your gate.

Before you go around shopping at the boutiques or duty free find your gate and check the screen for you boarding time and destination. Then go shopping or use the washroom etc.. Knowing exactly where your gate is will prevent you from having to run with your coffee to try and catch a flight on the other side of the terminal. Know your boarding time, show up 5 minutes before and stand in line. You’ll be one of the first people on the plane. This is especially true if your seat is at the back of the plane

5.) Say Please and Thank You.

This will get you a long way. Treat all the security personnel with respect and they will always point you in the best direction they can. This is more true outside of the United States than in. Nothing is worse than standing in the wrong line because you didn’t smile when you asked and say Thank You when you receive the information you asked for.

So that’s it, a few of my personal favorites for getting through any airport faster. What are some of your favorite ways to get through the airport quickly? Let me know!!

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