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The flight felt short. We did arrive a bit early even Woohoo! There was a lot of sleeping, they set you up for that though. KLM starts feeding you the minute you get on the plane, literally. There are crackers in the seat along with a pillow and blanket.


There are small TV’s in the headrest that have movies and games. I appreciated that I was able to watch a movie in Dutch to pre-game a bit with the language as it is truly spoken. Just like they are now in this cafĂ©. It’s nice to hear languages other than American English and Spanish. Not that there is anything wrong with either of those but like anything, something new is always a little more exciting. When we got off the plane it was almost like we had just gotten on.
Making our way through the airport to get our bags we had to show our passports again at a checkpoint. They question why you are coming to their country and how long you will be staying. When you visit keep in mind that you are passing through SECURITY, it isn’t their job to be nice to you, their job is to keep you safe.
We retrieved our bags and ended up at our rented apartment with some assistance from nice people and well placed signs.
With all of that …. I needed coffee.

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