To The Airport!

The time had come to round up our things and get out to O’Hare Airport. I had intended on taking public transportation but Lashawn chimed in that he would rather use Uber. I have not used any of those types of services before but I know people who have had good luck. Lashawn made the call and the person was apparently five minutes from us. It ended up being twenty minutes which wasn’t all that bad. But.
The driver. Wow. She had trouble managing a consistent speed and she was really heavy on the gas then brake which jerked us about the back seat. She had trouble following the directions that were playing over the speakers of the car and we ended up driving in circles, I watched this from my phone. At one point she answered a phone call an played a message from her gas company that her utility was going to get shut off.
Now I am not judging because I have paid bills way too late too but you have to agree that was not the time or the place, especially for someone who had trouble enough just operating the vehicle in one lane.
I started to get a bit flustered. This isn’t the kind of trip you can just miss the flight to and I expressed that. Clearly.
“I’m sorry but you have to understand my frustration. I have spent lots of money and months of time planning this day.”
She said that she understood but that didn’t change her horrible driving. In fact when we finally made it to the correct terminal we told her to stop the car at arrivals. We had to get out of that car. And I did but she didn’t to open the trunk. We had to bang on her window as she was about to drive away. Wow!
Breathe. We made it. In triple the time it should have taken.

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