Sen Me Moo Tune

Living in America you definitely do have exposure to Thai food. However one dish that I had never had before was Sen Me Moo Tune. Sen Me Moo Tune was one of the first street food carts that I tried when I moved to Chomlathep.

A Friendly Introduction

I have to be honest and say that I am thankful to my friend for introducing me to Sen Me Moo Tune. She took me to the street food cart and explained to me what all of the different noodles were, and the options that are available. With many Thai food street carts you do not have this opportunity. Many of the carts that you visit will only have signs that are written in Thai language. This makes it extra tough for foreigners to be able to order food from street carts in Thailand.

What’s In The Name Sen Me Moo Tune?

Let me give you a breakdown of Sen Me Moo Tun.
Sen Me – That’s the type of noodle. It’s very thin similar to angel hair pasta.
Moo – Pork. Actually that is the Thai name for pig.
Tune – That’s the soup or broth type.

In this article I have used the phonetic spelling incorrectly. Correct would be Sen Mii Mu Tun. For English speakers using the incorrect phonetic spelling will force you to speak the words correctly. Tun can be confused and pronounced Ton. Mii can be confused and pronounced My.

Tune Variations

Pork Sen Me Moo Tune is my favorite however they do have Sen Me Moo Tune with chicken (Gah) or beef (Nua). I suggest you try them all and decide which one you like the best. Mixed in with the Sen Me Moo Tun are various kinds of greens. When you order they bring you a small basket of even more greens, beans sprouts, morning glory stems and basil leaves. As with any Thai restaurant you have the basic table side condiments. Red pepper flakes, fish sauce, salt and pepper.

My Favorite Meals

The Sen Me Moo Tune cart is one of my “go to” places. I eat there around 5 to 6 times per week sometimes eating two bowls. Sen Me Moo Tune is just that delicious! Sen Me Moo Tune suits me well also because it is not too spicy. Some dishes like the papaya salad are usually a little bit too spicy for me. Sen Me Moo Tun is also better than your standard Ramen noodles. Sen Me noodles are much healthier alternative. At the price of 40 baht per bowl it is definitely a better choice than MaMa Ramen noodles.

One Clean Cart!

The vendor makes the Tune fresh every day. He also keeps the cart and all of the dishes very very clean and I really like that. He is very friendly and understands that I do not speak Thai very well. He makes it very easy for me to order partly because I order the same thing every time. However he always smiles and asks me to make sure.

So there you have it Sen Me Moo Tune! You just learned a new Thai food dish that you can order whenever you see gatherings of the street carts. Just ask them the word “Tune?” and they will point you to the right cart.

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