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Songkran Roughly Explained

Let’s talk about Songkran.
In Thailand there is a holiday called Songkran. Songkran is the nationwide celebration of the changing seasons from rainy to dry in Thailand. YouTube depicts Songkran in one kind of light the reality of Songkran is completely different. As you travel away from central Bangkok to the suburbs you’ll find people laughing and spraying water at people passing by.
What is the main attraction to Songkran?
Thai people are already generally laid-back and happy but when they are on a holiday they are an absolute riot! If you are planning on traveling to Thailand between April 10 and April 20 roughly and planning on doing regular tourist stuff you may be disappointed. Many of the local attractions close so that type people can go and celebrate the Songkran holiday which last three days. This year, 2017, Songkran will be on April 13, 14th and 15th however because the holiday falls on a weekend it will be held over till the following Monday extending the holiday to April 18. During this time many shops and tourist attractions might be closed or have a limited staff available. Good thing for me though because I like to party with the locals! 150191709

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