Packing Day

Yesterday, April 13, 2015 was packing day. Time to round up all of the stuff I have been rounding up over the past few months. Passport, International Drivers Permit, courage to travel that far away fearlessly. All that and more ready to be moved out. I packed like so.

I laid it all out first right down to the RFID slips. Nicely piled up and ready to load. I let it mellow out like this for a few hours while I cleaned my apartment. Each time I passed it I would do an inspection and if I remembered anything that absolutely HAD to go I would add it to the pile.

Some people may work better double checking their travel bags contents using a list and if you are that peoson, go for it. Me not so much. I’ll skip around the list, add and remove things then finally end up with something that resembles a 3 year old with a new colored marker set. I need to see it happen and reassess and I have found no better way than to lay your clothes out like this.

For a few reasons.

1. Forgetting what is really necessary.
It is easy to miss something that is important for you to bring to Amsterdam. Like your drivers license. You may leave it in daily use purse or pants.

2. I found that it eases pre-travel anxiety.
Before I fly I get quite anxious. Like really anxious as in pacing back and forth unable to hold a complete thought. As you walk by the piles you can see exactly what you will be putting in your bags.

3. You won’t second guess if you packed something or not.
You have have had ample time to view the item before you packed them so you already know that you have everything.

And let’s be serious for a moment. The only things I REALLY NEEDED was my passport and a plane ticket.

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