Power Down!

Initially I ordered this 4 USB plug in hub from eBay thinking that it would be enough to charge my 2 phones, my iPad, Lashawns phone and iPad as well. I plan on posting to #myDamTrip while I’m in Amsterdam rather than save up and post when I get home, thus I need power. However Europe runs on 220v unlike the U.S. where we run our homes with 110v. As you can see from the picture this little, ultralight box may split the power up to the 4 USB hubs but it definitely doesn’t step down the power for the mobile devices.
Back to eBay!
Now I was out for a power converter to be able to charge our stuff in Amsterdam. Lucky for me I found one close to me, so close I was able to pick it up! Not a bad price at all either at $23. After the “Buy It Now” I messages the seller asking to meet him since he was only only the other side of the Valley. We exchanged messages and he agreed to meet me at a Starbucks.
I didn’t know it yet but I was about to meet my first friend while traveling. Oly (O-lee) met me in the parking lot with a smile and a handshake. He laughed and said “You weren’t lying. I couldn’t miss you in this thing, let me buy you a coffee!
Oly is 83 but looks mid 60’s, gets around like it too. He told me the story of how he needed the converter while in Spain only after blowing up some unnamed electronic.
Oly and I shared some stories about who we were and where we’ve been and I was off with my power supply. Awesome!

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