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Getting a trip to Holland was pretty easy, all things considered. Rosemary and AirBnB made the initial planning a lot easier but the time has come for necessities for traveling overseas. Security is always at the forefront of my mind so money handling has been top priority. From what resources I have found the most popular way to get robbed in Europe is getting your pocket picked. Be it a bump from a stranger or a set up distraction with two or more people, over and over pickpockets are what kept coming up.
Now I fully intend on enjoying beer just like I do at home and we all know that it gets tough to keep track of things that are attached to you, like your head, let alone things in your pockets. In order for me to really relax I can’t be bothered with someone who is looking pick my pocket so I bought an under clothing pouch to secure my money and identification while I wander about in Amsterdam. Sure, I may keep 10 or so Euro accessible but no more than that. If I need more than that I intend on finding a private place to access what I need. This may not be convenient for some people but majority of the time I wear button down shirts to I don’t anticipate it being too troublesome, for me anyway.
I have a few other secrets of how to secure items on your person but I will not list them here. Email me if you are interested and I MAY give you the information you need.

Here is a link to an awesome video I found from what looks like a seasoned traveler. It’s called 9 Reasons Why You Got Robbed While Traveling. And I can’t agree with Mr. Wolters advise more.

I also watched the Rick Stevens travel preparation and packing information, very valuable. Many of the things he said were reminders for me from my days in the Military but the few new tidbits I picked up were well worth the view. I grew up watching Rick on PBS and while I have not been a loyal viewer (I don’t even own a TV anymore) I felt awesome reconnecting with this gentleman that probably had something to do with me wanting to travel. Thanks Rick!

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