Amsterdam Tulip Fields

The Fields

When you tell people you are going to Amsterdam one of two things are replied.
1) You are going to smoke pot. 2) You are going for sex.
Because of this reaction with pre conceived notions I have been and will continue to tell people that I am going to Holland. When I say Holland people don’t know what to think, which I like. It brings them up to my level. They start thinking wooden clogs and St. Paulie Girl style dresses. If I wanted wild sex and pot I surely wouldn’t fly halfway across the world to get it. I live in Phoenix, there is a thriving sex scene and plenty of pot if you get a medical card, neither of which I participate in. What I do want to see is this ….
Amsterdam Tulip Fields

Look at that. Clearly you cannot fathom what those tulips look like in real life. They have to be amazing.

I can tell you that the sunset dinner I had on the edge of the Grand Canyon is very hard to put into words let alone hoping my description and body motions are being understood. You would have had to have been there, on the sloped edge of the Grand Canyon, watching the sun set behind a hole in the earth that can swallow up every house in your town and still have room for more.

I have a feeling the tulip fields will be the same.

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