AirBnB Apartment Stay In Amsterdam

The Awesome Rabit Hole That Is AirBnb

There were SO many options in our $100-$140 price range on AirBnB and they are spread ALL over Amsterdam. The app is really helpful though with small maps integrated with each listing and sliding pictures to check the places out. While the app is convenient the website is awesome. Very easy to use and everything works. I did notice that prices jumped around a bit and by as much as $50USD or more. So I recommend searching multiple different times and from devices to check differences for yourself. If I had to guess it may be due to currency fluctuation or user (me) error.
Did I mention it was a mind numbing experience? Did I mention the amount of options?
You can literally pick through AirBnB for hours trying to add up and compare locations, amenities and apartment features like bathrooms and kitchens. There are some really nice places as well ranging from fully lived in apartments to decorated rentals to an empty apartment someone just put a bed and a couch in, albeit a nice bed and couch but it was bare 🙂
There was also an amazing apartment that came with a boat and 2 bicycles. I may rent that place on my next trip because the thought of your own boat to paddle down the canal with is just too cool! Not to mention there is a town in just outside Amsterdam that is only accessible by boat. After seeing Amsterdam this first time I’ll know exactly where to take that boat and a general lay of the land. Here is a link to that place if you want to take a look. Rent an Apartment, a Boat and 2 Bikes on AirBnb In AmsterdamTake a look at it here.

The above comment is exactly how you get lost in AirBnB, back to the search.
Well one more. I ran across this place. It is the cutest, tiniest house but looks to be set in the country which might be nice for a day or two with a girlfriend. But since it’s me and my friend …. next time! The Cutest House On AirBnB In AmsterdamTake a look at it here.

With all of this getting side tracked in maps and distances time has started to run out. We are about under 2 months away from our leave date and I still had not booked a place and a few of the places I was looking at had been booked. To compound the stress factor the original place we had decided on had declined our interest to book. Being this was my first time using the site I was a little … mmm, distraught, not knowing that you can get a flat out decline. On to the next apartment though.
A few others looked good but timing wasn’t right for the owners or a day or two were booked during our planned stay. Then came along this place.
AirBnB Apartment Stay In AmsterdamTake a look at it here.

It had all of our creature features. A little artsy on a budget which if you have seen my current apartment it makes me feel right at home. I noticed shower size in Amsterdam tends to be a little small and while I’m only 160lbs. of 5’11” man, those corner showers get tight. With a removable shower head and open design this shower was a keeper. The small balcony will be perfect for morning coffee and evening tea and the couch has extra pillows, you can never have too many of those.
A quick search of Google maps also proved that the neighborhood looks to be pretty happening with plenty of places to eat, shop and get coffee. In fact our the place we will be renting is just above an organic coffee shop! Transportation is also literally around the corner.

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