Hang Your Hat

My friend and I began chatting about what type of place to stay in. We tossed around the idea of hostels but decided that since we are well into our Thirties and plan on traveling around Europe a bit we should go for a real hotel. While interacting with people is more than welcome we felt having a private bathroom was a requirement. Security also came up in our conversations. We haven’t fully decided on whether to venture out of Amsterdam just yet. Lashawn, my friend, had mentioned taking a train to Paris or London and simply having a safe place in Amsterdam to hold extra clothes etc seemed ideal.
Like everyone I took to my phone to look for hotels in Amsterdam. In fact that is exactly what I googled. The Bilderburg Hotel came up a winner saying 1500 would get us a room in what seemed to be a pretty swanky place from the photos. Lashawn ran the idea of a hotel past Rosemary, our travel agent, to see what she had to say about the Bilderburg knowing that there must be hundreds if not thousands of lodging options in Amsterdam. Rosemary returned with a few different options one that seemed pretty funky called Citizen M. When I say funky I mean ultra modern style with clean lines and interesting objects everywhere you turn. Apparently the shower and toilet have mood lighting as well. Snappy!!
Since Lashawn and I both agreed we would enjoy the ultra hip atmosphere at the Citizen M Hotel I mentioned things like laundry and a couch. Don’t get me wrong I fully intend to do laps around Amsterdam multiple times but 10ish days in a hotel room gets to be a little much. Hotels seem to make me feel like I need to get up and out now …. and I look forward to relaxing with a little coffee or tea. So we scrapped the idea of a hotel and went for the apartment thing. Again my friend chimed in that he was looking at the AirBnB app and that I should too. Then the madness began.

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