To Ankor Thom

Chang let me drop my bag and get settled into the room. I used an hour or so to upload some pictures because my iPhone was full and iCloud failed. I used an FTP client to upload to one of my hosting accounts. Didn’t know there was such a thing but there are tons of them, I used FTP Client Pro.
After an hour or so Chang and I took off to get tickets to Ankor Wat and Ankor Thom. We stopped at an ATM then at the ticket building. $20 USD for a one day pass to both Ankor Wat and Ankor Thom. There is a museum just outside of the ticket building … next time.
Chang suggested we start at Ankor Thom and that’s what we did. When we pulled up Chang gave me the run down of the locations at the Ankor Thom complex and told me where I would find him when I was done. It was a great way to get around the complex without having to move along. Being a bit of an architectural history buff I needed a little extra time to analyze the carvings in the walls. It was really interesting to see the remainder of the headers and footers of doorways, you’ll notice that there is a hole for the door hinges at all of the openings. Walking through Ankor Thom you get the feeling of a military fortress. There are small passages and doorways everywhere they let you crawl through. Really exciting if you are into historical Asian architecture. As you move through the rest of the complex you’ll see that it begins to look more like a training ground and compound all in one, again with a high lookout tower.
I don’t think I made it to all of the corners of the complex, in fact I’m positive I didn’t. I’d smelled some BBQ on the way in and I was hungry. I made my way back to the meeting point and Chang was there just like he said. Awesome!!

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