Getting There

My friend, LaShawn, had a friend, nameless, who uses a travel agent and has had great experiences so I agreed we should go with her. She did a great job of sending us options and alerting us to travel times and how layovers may spoil the trip versus getting a direct flight. This made sense to me because I would much rather spend 20 extra hours vacationing than sitting in an airplane seat. You can only get so drunk. Initially the thought of a travel agent sounded expensive to me. I think there is a common misconception these days that using personal services is more expensive than doing it yourself online. On that I will say that had I gotten a flight that took 20+ hours to save a couple hundred bucks I would have been upset. And that 20+ hours was one way. Not the way to start or end a vacation. All total the plane ticket, taxes and agent fee was about 1200.00 and if you ask me 600 isn’t too much to fly me across the pond in a straight shot. Even though I am in Phoenix and LaShawn is in Chicago Rosemary was able to book our flights together leaving from Chicago to Amsterdam.
Personally I like dealing with a “go to” person and for the amount of work that went into coordinating our flights overseas Rosemary made it easy. She also responded promptly to emailed questions I had after the trip was booked. I appreciate that Rosemary didn’t become a ghost after the sale more than anything. Call her up and book your flight to where ever it is you have been delaying on going. She’s good people.

Rosemary Gwyther
Kenilworth, IL. 60043

Now on to looking for a place to stay …

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