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I Am Amsterdam

How #myDamTrip Began

Hey you! Welcome to mydamtrip.com, the only website highlighting my trip to Amsterdam. I know it’s the only one because no one else is writing this. With that I have to tell you the story of how this whole trip began. It wouldn’t be a trip if it didn’t
start out in some kind of vehicle. So I’m driving home from work and a friend that I haven’t talked to in over a year calls me up and asks me to if I would want to go to Amsterdam. I didn’t hesitate to say yes but not realizing that I had just agreed to a trip halfway around the world.
Any normal person would have had a million questions. How do we get there? What dates can I get away? Will I be able to afford it?
None of that or anything else you just thought of mattered. I’m going, that is that! And the conversation was over!
The first step was to get plane tickets.

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