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I’m Going To Phuket

After spending plenty of time in and around Bangkok it was high time to move along a bit so I decided to book a flight to Phuket and hang out a few days before taking my first tour of the Wats of Bangkok. Air Asia seemed to have the best prices on tickets with the most flights in and out but they fly in and out of Don Mueang International Airport rather than BKK which I was closer to. Air Asia really gets the job done quickly with no frills. Flying into HKT, the Phuket International Airport, was easy. It is a relatively small airport that shuffles you through quickly when you are flying in and out to Grung Theip (Bangkok) with a smile. One of the friendliest airports I have been in. I hadn’t booked a place to stay and needed time to pick through AirBnB and book something, the small coffee shop was all too kind to let me use their wifi. Just outside the arrival gate there are plenty of taxi drivers that will approach you and try to get you to book a place as well. I’m not sure about any of those places because the months of scrolling through AirBnB I knew that I wanted one of those. Turns out The Himaphan was one of my top picks and was 3 minutes from the airport and was accepting instant bookings.
The Taxis’ leaving the airport are no less than 400 THB which is a little high. The driver also didn’t know where The Himaphan was even when I showed him directions, he got a little frustrated but we worked it out. However that all could have been avoided if I had booked a little earlier The Himaphan Resort would have picked me up.
Phuket really is a magical looking place. The nature walks, waterfalls and mountainsides are absolutely breathtaking. Don’t forget to bring extra batteries and SD cards for your camera ’cause you’re going to need them.
Renting the scooter was a good call too, it made getting the 3 blocks to Nai Yang Beach a snap from the villa especially after a massage and dinner. It also made getting around the island easy. If you aren’t afraid of riding a scooter it is an easy way to get to all the attractions pretty quickly. Traffic wasn’t too bad however being on a scooter you have to pay attention, no sleeping on the scooter! I considered renting a car but it seemed like more of a hassle since I travel very light. Overall I’m glad I spent a few days alone on Nai Yang Beach. It was good for collecting my thoughts on the rest of my trip.

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