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Nai Yang Beach

Overall staying in Nai Yang Beach was exactly what I was looking for when getting out of Bangkok. While partying it up in the city is a great time, the relaxing waves on the beach and absence of overly loud clubs and club goers suited me better. The main beach road you have to pay to drive but one ticket will last you all day. You will find that the main beach road is lined with restaurants, tiny bars and plenty of street food. There is a walking street that is also loaded with all kinds of stores to buy novelty shirts, shorts and hats. While there are plenty of shops along the Nai Yang Beach strip you won’t find any peddlers on the beach which means you can relax without someone trying to sell you something. See the Cabo posts on that. However there are still Soi dogs running around at night which was another good reason to have a scooter or a car. During my two stays at The Himaphan I ate and drank at a lot of places, all of them were good, nothing made me sick. Maybe a little too spicy but I ate it so it’s my own fault. Memorable places: BossBar, live soft lounge music nightly, huge menu of Thai and American dishes. Inspire Beach Club, world class DJ, sand floor, ultra nice people.

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