Arrival In Cabo! Viva México!

Coolest thing about the airport in Cabo San Lucas was the opened up the back of the plane to let everyone out. Guess who was in the second to last seat, yep, yours truly. I can’t remember a time I exited a plane so quickly. They funnel you around the runway, into the actual airport, get your bags, offer money exchange, shuffle you to customs then guide you to a special tourist deck where all of the busses and shuttle vans are. Be ready for this, there are a TON of people (shuttle drivers) outside all holding signs of the company they work for and they are all asking you if you need a ride. They are super nice about it but it is a bit of a sensory overload. Luckily there is a full bar and they are all too happy to get you the drink of your choice to kick off your stay on the Baja California Sur, Mexico. I grabbed a Barrilito.

Everyone had a great attitude, almost like they were the ones on vacation. I arranged a shuttle van from the airport to Cabos Little Secret via Cabo Tours. Nice clean white vans, super friendly drivers and water bottles on hand to quench your thirst. Total cost was $40 USD round trip, not including tip which I think I gave 100 Pesos each way.

Cabos Little Secret is a fairly new place but the driver didn’t get frustrated, instead he used my phone to navigate. Perfect. We found my rental without an issue. The couple weeks I spent looking at google earth helped too, it always looks way different but a little time studying the map of your destination is good. Google earth/Maps for Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico is a few years outdated it sees. There is a whole subdivision that isn’t on their map 🙂

I put down my bags and hit the streets like I always do as soon as I arrive. I figure when I reach a destination I have come a long way and I want to see it now. And that’s what I did along with calling my brother to rub it in that I was in Mexico. Hahah!

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