Cabo’s Little Secret Vacation Rentals

Cabo’s Little Secret Vacation Rentals are fantastic if you want to avoid the touristy hotels along the beach and really get a feel for what it is to be a local in Cabo San Lucas. Cabo’s Little Secret is located at the entrance to Las Quintas California, a newer subdivision of single family homes. When you take a cab back to Cabo’s Little Secret from anywhere around Cabo the cab driver will know Las Quintas California. I also used Calle Via de Larry y Calle PericĂșes which worked to get me home every time. The neighborhood is working class and friendly on Sunday mornings, expect a Buenos Dias while you are walking in the morning. I walked the neighborhood around Cabo’s Little Secret daily and did not have any trouble. Even later in the evening toward 10pm I didn’t feel scared, cautious yes, but not scared. If I was out after that I was in a cab however.
There is coffee and freshly made juices 1 minute walk to the corner starting at 7am. The juice stand is attached to a small tienda that has beer and other necessities. Be sure to close the beer fridge door because it won’t do it itself. Everyone in the place was ALWAYS nice and as I got to know them over the week the nicer they got. If you watch the video you will hear me respond “Hola”, that was the lady at the juice stand saying hello as I passed. While sitting on the stools outside the juice stand one morning I received an entire education on how much better you will feel when you juice every morning for two weeks, the kicker was it was all in spanish but he spoke a little slow and clear so I was able to understand. It is times like these that make me really enjoy getting up early while on vacation.
I spent hours on the roof looking out at the city. The view is unobstructed and situated on a hill so you are able to see just about the entire town of Cabo San Lucas. The sounds of the city can not be missed, from dogs barking, children playing, trucks selling oranges and cheese, to all out concerts the different sounds all take their turn at different times of day. Personally I love city noise having grown up in Chicago it makes me feel right at home.
I wasn’t the only person who felt right at home. Some of the other vacationers renting at Cabo’s Little Secret barely left and honestly I can understand with all of the amenities that are available. The pool is crystal clear. There is an outdoor grill, meat smoker and sink for cooking dinner. If you need anything Uncle Bo is available to help of which he dropped us of at the marina a few times and took us to the grocery store. A washer and dryer are also onsite. Each apartment comes with a full set of dishes and storage containers so you can save your leftovers. This works out perfect because pretty much everything you eat in Cabo will taste better the next day with a warm tortilla.
I drank the water.
Well not an all out GLASS of water but I used tap water no different than I would here in Phoenix. I brushed my teeth, made coffee, ice cubes and cooked with it. I normally drink bottled water at home so any water I added to my drinks etc. came from a bottle. I also ate at plenty of local places around Cabo’s Little Secret and didn’t have an issue. Meaning I pooped just fine.
When I was leaving Cabo my shuttle was a little early so I had some time to chat with the driver. He commented on how Cabo’s Little Secret was the best way to see Cabo as it is. The neighborhood is safe, it is not overloaded with touristy stuff and the local food is fantastic.

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