Definitely In Asia

The trip to Thailand was unlike any other. I flew out of LAX via Korean Air on an Airbus similar to the one I took to Amsterdam but it was easy to see that the destination was going to be far different by the looks of the people at the gate. My layover was in Seoul and was only a few hours, just long enough to get some coffee and visit the smoking room. Perfect amount of time. The coffee was expensive at about $5USD for a large Dunkin Donuts.
Both planes that got me to BKK had great service. The crew took good care of all of the oddball requests from the people around me. They played with babies and smiled while working at a fast pace. They even happily changed out my meal when I opted for something I didn’t like.
When I got to Suvarnabhumi airport I was ready to be somewhere. I didn’t stop to exchange money before heading into a Starbucks to get coffee. The barista just looked at me funny when I whipped out my US dollars. I apologized and headed off to get some Baht but before I was about to get back to get coffee I saw my friend coming up the hall. We hugged and chatted our way to the parking lot but the first REAL sign we were in Asia is when I went to get in on the wrong side of the truck. I was expecting to be a passenger on the drivers side since you drive on the left in Thailand. My friend laughed and said he still does it. So begins this adventure.

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