One Night In Bangkok

First thing we did is hit the bars in Bangkok. It was without a doubt an “all in” introduction to Thailand. The bars are a little different than the bars in the US. The Thais know you are in on vacation so they cater to you. There are a few different places that you will find the Bangkok nightlife, we ended up at Soi Cowboy. It’s not really a street, more of an alley with the most neon lights you have seen outside of Las Vegas. There is an entrance and an exit similar to a theme park where a guard keeps watch of what looks like a Chicago night club at 1:59AM. It’s definitely not a place for cameras but the usual idiots have them out. Snapping pictures that will probably get them busted later. Outside every bar there is a crew of beautiful people asking you to come inside. I would have actually liked to see the look on my face when I first stepped onto that “street”. I know my inner monologue was letting me know that I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.
The beer was flowing, the music played and everyone danced. It was a good time ending up at an after hours Karaoke bar that was all Thai. Man, those Thai girls can sing! It was a small place with one pool table and a bunch of helpful Thai gentlemen to work the bar. By the time we left it was was very early morning but we were put safely in a taxi and made our way home.
Be sure to check out my Cup Trick post for more information on getting around bars and clubs in Thailand.

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